Feb 20th, 2018

  • Attendance
  • Team balances
  • Bleachers, Field-house, etc. put on hold by AA County until funds are available
  • Better communication (possibly robo call) necessary for school and booster events
  • Advised of changes to Senior posters for next school year (no Booster financial help unless requested)
  • Advised of change to full membership fee ($20) going directly into General account
  • Yard Sale in gym fundraiser (April)


  1.  Shannon Cavey
  2.  Kyle Hines
  3.  Kevin Helinski
  4.  Brian McCormick
  5.  Kim Marion
  6.  Angie Voll
  7.  Ricky Deitchman
  8.  Russ Griffith
  9.  Kristen Griffith